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The Old Expression ... "You Can Not Have Your Cake and Eat It Too" was coined "BI" .... that is "Before the Internet".  While it probably remains true most of the time, the Internet appears to have taken it out of the Universally True category.  Patrick Vann's experience below sure sounds a Lot Like Having Your Cake and Eating It Too.  Another Old Expression which was also coined "BI" ... "You Can Cut Out The Broker But You Can Not Cut Out The Brokers Work" remains essentially true, however, there has been a Dramatic Change in the Consequences of that truth ... Our Services Make Doing The Brokers Work A LOT EASIER for Folks than it used to be.  Now that our services have substantially reduced the "Hassle Factor" involved in doing the Brokers Work, Buyers and Sellers in the Major Metropolitan Areas can More Easily do what Buyers and Sellers in Small Town America have been doing for Years Already .... Buying and Selling Homes Without paying Realtor Commissions.  Using a Realtor to Buy or Sell Homes Really Never Did Catch On in Small Town America like it did in the Major Metropolitan Areas, precisely because the "Hassle Factor" was Always Far Less There to start with.

Here is what some Real Folks who Used Our Service Recently had to say about our service and their experiences.  Now these Folks do Not Publish Web Site Reviews or Popular Financial Magazines ..... They just sold their houses using Our Service and Paid No Realtor Commissions.  Unfortunately, we can Not present comprehensive results statistics since we have no way to require the sellers to inform us of their results like the realtor associations can require their member realtors to report results.  Our users are not obliged to tell us anything and they are all busy "Doing The Brokers Work" and then moving so it is Not A High Priority for Most of them to think about writing us about their experiences.  If we could gather comprehensive statistics, we believe the Real Estate Community would be Very Surprised with the success rates among Our Users.  While we don't expect Everyone using our service will Have the Same Results these sellers did, we do think Informed Sellers should be aware of the range of realistic possibilities and that experiences similar to those of the users below are NOT Uncommon for sellers who take Doing The Brokers Work Seriously.

1.  This customer used our Hybrid FSBO-MLS package where the seller uses our FSBO Ad to find a buyer themselves and also lets the Realtors try to find a buyer through the MLS for about HALF the Realtors normal commission. They had tried most of our competitors first and got no results then had a handful of offers to choose from (both from buyers working with realtors and FSBO buyers) within a few days of placing their ad with us. Somehow, a reporter from Inman News interviewed them about their experience with our service and that News Story is shown below.

Does Our Service Really Work?
Recent News Story From
Copyright 2004 Inman News is just one of the MANY sites in our For Sale By Owner Services Network which is the Largest on the Internet to insure that our listings get the Maximum Exposure possible.

These Letters are NOT EDITED, paraphrased, or clipped in any way ..... even the typos are included exactly as they were received.  The comments which do Not include the users name were ANONYMOUS Responses to our Surveys which we ask users to take so we can get the most candid feedback possible in order to assess the results they are experiencing.

2.  This Lady saved $28,200 selling her $470,000 home.  She sold it before her 90 day ad with us expired, she did NOT need the extra 60 days we offer customers free if they have not yet sold the home after their 90 day ad expires.

" I have visited many FSBO site.   Your is, by far, the very best.  I just sold my home today, thanks to you.   My home in the Lake Tahoe Nevada area was purchased by a person who lives in Tampa.   He spotted it on your FSBO site, we communicated over the last several months about the home, and he flew out to see it.  Because I did not have to pay real estate agent fees by selling it through your site, he got a great deal on the house and I did not have to pay commissions.  We are all very happy!  I had listed my home on other FSBO sites but never did receive a single ounce of interest from someone through those sites.   Yours sparked LOTS of interests and I especially liked being able to see the number of "hits" my ad received.  That feature is GREAT on your site.  I have yet to find another FSBO site that offers that feature.  Thank you so much, I am definitely a happy customer.
KellyLynn "

3.  This gentleman from Florida sold his $72,000 home in just 8 DAYS, he only saved $4,320 in realtor commissions but it did not take him long to sell it.

" Thank you for the service you provide, Someone saw my ad and the sales contract was signed on the 8th day after placing the add. I will tell my friends about your servicve. Thanks again!
 Clay Meredith

4.  Here is a customer who had a realtor listing expire after being in the MLS for 6 months with NO RESULTS, then he sold the home using our site in only 3 DAYS ..... this was an anonymous response to our survey so we do not know how much this customer saved but he sure saved it FAST and that was after the REALTORS MLS FAILED to find him a buyer for 6 months.  We have a LOT of sellers who come to us after a realtor has FAILED to sell their home.  The Realtors do NOT like to talk much about all the listings which expire or are withdrawn without being sold, in fact their STATISTICS for "average days on the market" is VERY MISLEADING because of the fact that it ONLY takes into account HOMES THAT SELL, they do NOT add in the days on the market for the ones which do not sell at all, like this one for example.

" Comments:
Six months a realtor had this property and could not sell it. With-in three days using the local paper and the reference to your website I sold my property! way to go! thanks

5.  This Gentlemen Sold and Bought a Home during our 14 day Try Us Free Period.  The 6% Commission on the $219,000 Home he sold would have been $13,140, we do not know how much commission was saved on the home he purchased.

"  To Whom it May Concern:
Thank you for your free offer to use your web page service (FSBO). In the short time we used your it we sold our house and can directly attribute it to your service. We not only sold our house but found the house we bought on your web page. We have told many people about your service and I am sure they will have the same great luck we had. Please go ahead and cancel our ad #5668 Patrick C. Vann
Thanks Again,
Patrick Vann

6.  This Lady sold her home before her 30 day ad expired, she figured out exactly how to use her ad as an effective marketing tool to improve the efficiency of all her advertising efforts and to make "Doing The Brokers Work" EZ.  The 6% commission on her $235,000 home would have been $14,100.

"  HowImproveOurService:
Nothing.. your are the very best
Well guys what can I say that you do not know already.  I sold my house in 4 weeks   w/o a sweat.  Basically what I did was to place an add with you and a small add on the Miami Herald (the cheapest and smallest) with the website. It was great because only people who liked the house came to see it.  I did not have to bother reciting the whole descripition.. all I would say to the callers.. go to www.miamifsbo....  I am very pleased with your services and I am recommending your services to all my friends who are planning to buy or sell.
Thanks so much!!  Patricia

7.  These folks also learned from experience the Powerful Marketing Results from tying together their Internet ad with their Traditional Local Classified Advertising to improve the overall results from their marketing efforts and reduce the Hassle Factor as well. We do not know the price range of their home --- or their friends home, since the comment was Anonymous.

" Comments:
using you site in newspaper ads brought the best results If gave people a place to see whether they were interested or not it was through the newspaper and this ad that I sold the house.  it was a newspaper ad refering to this site that sole the house.I received many calls from realtors saying that I needed their services to sell the house I was extremely pleased when I changed your for sale by owner sign to read SOLD by was a small amount of money spent very well.

WouldRecommendUs: I did and he sold his house the same way .the newspaper refering to this site.  "

8.  By way of pointing out the potential diversity of results, here are two different responses which make you wonder if they are talking about the same web site.  Since these responses were both Anonymous, we have no way of comparing the ads to determine whether there was any specific common explanation for the dramatically different results for the second ad (like for example No Photos in the ad, No Additional Information, a really unpopular location, a serious pricing miscalculation, or possibly just an incorrect phone number or email posted .... believe it or not, we have gotten more than a few emails from Really Irate People who said their phone was ringing off the hook with people calling about a home advertised for sale on our web site and the seller had apparently put this strangers phone number in the ad instead of their a simple typo of course). 

"  BuyerContacts: over 100
SinceSold: yes, but not thru your service
SinceListedWithRealtor: no
WouldRecommendUs: yes
HowImproveOurService: you are doing just fine
Comments: I am impressed by the many calls I received. Next time, I will go thru you.

" BuyerContacts: 0
SinceSold: no
SinceListedWithRealtor: no
WouldRecommendUs: no
Comments: I was very dissappointed in internet advertising. I hoped it would at least generate some activity, but I had none. I would not do it again, and will not advise anyone else to.

At the end of the day, the Basic Reality of selling homes is REALLY SIMPLE, regardless of the specific Marketing Method used by sellers, some homes sell Fast, some homes sell slow, and Some Homes Do Not Sell.  We have Quite a Few  sellers who come to us after a Realtor's 6 Month Listing had expired and the Realtor and their MLS's Co-Op Failed to generate a Buyer .... so that reality appears to hold true regardless of whether sellers choose the Realtor Marketing Strategy or the FSBO Marketing Strategy.   There is an extensive discussion about developing an Effective Marketing Strategy at the Sellers Services page, we recommend all sellers take 10 or 20 minutes to review it and consider which approach best suites your particular desires, circumstances, and requirements, Before you embark on your Marketing Efforts.



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