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No website on the Internet offers sellers More Exposure and a Better Value than the FSBOAdvertising™ Listing Distribution Network.  That is why we can offer THE BEST MONEY BACK Guarantee* and a Flat Fee MLS UPGRADE Guarantee*.  We also offer the Most Comprehensive Statistics Reports and Administrative Tools available.

Does our service really work? Click Here to read a recent Inman News story about our service.

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In a Recent Analysis of sellers using our Hybrid FSBO-MLS listing package, where sellers have both a FSBO ad at our websites and a Realtors MLS listing which is displayed at, we determined that our For Sale By Owner ads generally receive a similar volume of page views and overall achieved a slightly higher total volume of Page Views at our web sites than the MLS listings for those Same Properties received during the Same Time Period at the website.  That is a Lot of exposure for the very Modest Advertising Fee we charge for our FSBO ads.   For the month of June 2003 the Page Views at our websites for the FSBO ads in the sample was 106% of the overall volume of page views the MLS listings for those Same Properties received at

We have special links for our advertisers to use to view their ads themselves or to have their friends use to view their ads which do NOT count in the traffic statistics so they are NOT inflated by the sellers viewing them, UNLIKE the website which counts a page view each time the seller OR their realtor views their own MLS listing.   Most of our ads get traffic in the range of 2000 to 5000 search hits and 150 to 500 page views per month.

If you are serious about getting the maximum exposure for your real estate for sale by owner at a fair price with no gimmicks or surprises then just order our FSBO home for sale by owner ad or our Hybrid FSBO-MLS package (which includes the realtor flat fee mls service and our own FSBO Advertising) and then you can RELAX, START PACKING, and GET READY TO MOVE.

Does Our Service Really Work?
Recent News Story From
Copyright 2004 Inman News is just one of the MANY sites in our For Sale By Owner Advertising Services Network Distribution Channel.  Our distribution channel is the largest on the Internet so that your FSBOAdvertising™ listing gets More Direct Exposure to Buyers so you have a better chance to avoid ALL the Realtor Commissions with the FSBOAdvertising™ option.  You can also Minimize the Realtors commissions with the Flat Fee MLS Options offered HERE and still try to sell the home yourself at the same time, it really is like having your cake and eating it too.



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