Our Custom Yard Signs

The Sign Panel itself is the same for either the Standard or Deluxe sign.   It is a Sturdy 4 mil thickness (like a quarter inch) 18 inch high x 24 inch wide Corrugated Plastic panel which is printed on both sides with the ARTWORK displayed below. 

Yard Signs Standard FSBO Yard Sign ! Deluxe For Sale By Owner Yard Sign ! Flyer Holder Supra Push Button Combo Key Lockbox Standard Open House Sign
Panel is Printed on Both Sides
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$19.50 Delivered
$79.50 Delivered
(Includes Flyer Holder)

Flyer Holder
$29.50 Delivered
Key Safe
$49.50 Delivered
Open House
W/Std Frame
$19.50 Delivered

The Standard sign frame is 30" High x 12" aluminum and weighs 1 lb.  The pronged extensions on the top of the frame slip securely inside the vertical corrugations of the sign panel itself.  The top of the Standard sign is about 3 feet high after installation.

The Deluxe sign frame is 48" High x 24" Black Enamel finished Angle Iron and weighs 9 lbs.  The sign slips securely into the upper panel of this frame.  The Deluxe sign also includes a mailbox type container for your flyers which you can attach either to the sign frame itself or elsewhere.  The top of the Deluxe sign is about 3 1/2 feet high after installation.

The Flyer Holder will hold around 150 8 1/2 x 11 sheets.  You can attach it to a post, stake, or sign frame ( which is Not Included).

The Key Safe is a Supra Push Button Combination key lock box.  Attach to the doorknob, rail, or post.  Set your own combination and change it whenever you like.

The Open House sign includes the Standard Frame, the Open House panel is a Sturdy 4 mil thickness (like a quarter inch) 18 inch high x 24 inch wide COREX (a Corrugated Plastic) which is printed on both sides as shown above.

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