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Several services on the Internet offer home value or home pricing information, but you need to be aware that none of them are FULLY COMPLETE and some are not very up to date.  You can also get the "Comparable Prior Sales" information (sometimes called COMPS) from the MLS through a Realtor, but this will ONLY include sales made through the MLS and will not include the FSBO sales in the area so it is ALSO NOT COMPLETE.  So, to be as thorough as possible, you should try to get the MLS "COMPS" from a realtor, also research home prices online, also check your local tax assessor's office or website for the county records information available.  When you combine all these sources, you should have MOST of the pricing information from recent sales but you still may not have ALL the private sales information in some areas since sale prices are not recorded in the deed records in some areas.  If you feel like you need professional assistance evaluating the value of a property you want to either sell or buy, You Probably Should Get Some!  An Independent Professional Appraiser can usually be hired for just a few hundred dollars to assist you.

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Many County property tax appraiser's have their property tax information available online now and this is often an excellent source for past property sales price information.  You should, however, be aware that in some cases these ONLINE records are NOT UP TO DATE, so you may need to physically go there to get the most recent data.  Links to many of the tax appraisers websites site and their location and contact information is identified below for your reference.


State of Florida Tax Appraisers




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