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Real Estate Contracts

A few states have taxpayer funded government agencies that publish "Official" (meaning these are the forms most professionals use because they are promulgated by the State Agency regulating the real estate business in that State) FREE real estate contracts any citizen can use, those are identified below.  For other areas, contacting a local title company in preparation for closing your transaction is a good way to find a source for the commonly used forms for your area.

FREE "Official" real estate contracts are available at these links:

FREE Colorado real estate contracts

FREE Texas real estate contracts

There are many sites which offer "FREE" contract forms, but unless you hire an attorney to review them there is no way to know if they are legally effective in accomplishing your objective or not, so it is not recommended that you use some contract which you found free on the internet at all unless you are printing it from a State Government operated website like the links above unless you plan to have an attorney review it before you sign it.  If you are not a real estate professional it is probably wise to hire a real estate lawyer to review your contract before you sign it even if it is an "OFFICIAL" State promulgated contract form since many times what seem to be plain english words have SPECIAL MEANINGS which you need training to understand.

If you can't locate an "official" commonly used local form (in some cases the local Board of Realtors has the copyright for the most commonly used local form so you may not be able to use it unless you hire a realtor), there is a popular generic contract forms software package available at our Online Store.




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