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Our FSBO Kit Really is "All Inclusive"
It is not just the "How-To" book
Our FSBO Kit Includes the Following:
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  • Internet Advertising Until Your Property is sold.
  • Deluxe Yard Sign.
  • Flyer Holder.
  • Two Directional Open House Signs with Frames Included.
  • Print all the flyers you need anytime, no extra charge.
  • Printed sales contract forms with analysis and instructions.
  • Sales contract forms software CD with instructions to make contract preparations and changes a snap.
  • And yes, we also include 2 of the best "How-To" books ever published by highly regarded authors.  They include a complete tutorial on selling your own home from A to Z, all the tricks realtors take a lifetime to learn, and more sales forms along with a detailed step by step analysis of the sales contract terms.
  • Our own home selling E-Book full of marketing tips.

** PLUS **
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We make buying or selling homes for sale by owner EZ !
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    • This For Sale By Owner kit is full of professional tips to maximize the price you get for your home and will walk you through what real estate brokers learn to do from years of experience.  It will show you:
    • How to price your home; and
    • How to advertise it and present it to buyers; and
    • How to prepare it for sale; and
    • How to negotiate an offer; and most of all
    • How to find the buyer!
    • The Internet Advertising to help you actually find that buyer is INCLUDED!
    • The For Sale and Open House Signs to help you find the buyer are actually included!
    • The contract forms are actually included!

    This Sell-It-Yourself Home Sale Kit really is the only "all inclusive" FSBO Kit on the market since it not only includes the forms plus the "How To" book and tips but it also provides you the real estate advertising you need to find the buyer, both on the ground and on the internet.  If you don't have a real buyer some contract forms are not of much use to you.  Selling a home is a major financial transaction in a person's life but it also involves a large share of most peoples wealth and you can save yourself thousands of dollars in broker's commissions by utilizing the techniques outlined or provided in this kit. It has been designed by experts in the fields of law, residential real estate, and advertising. You CAN sell your house without a real estate agent -- it's easier than you think! Selling your home without a broker is the easiest way for you to save the most money at one time than you may have ever saved before! The legal forms needed: Real Estate Purchase Agreement form, Seller's Disclosure form, and Lead Based Paint Disclosure form. Instructions are included with this and no legal background is required. Complete form kit: Forms, instructions and the software to make changes a snap as well.  The tips and tutorial on negotiating the sale include everything one needs to know to make their home sale much more profitable in addition to saving the commission.   Many homeowners can sell their homes for a much higher price than a real estate agent could for three reasons, first they know much more detail about the property than the agent would. Second, the owner is much more motivated to get the extra few thousand dollars since they get to keep 100% of it not just 6%. Finally, the owner only has ONE home to sell, not a hundred other homes like an agent does and some of those other homes are often priced less but offer with fewer features.

    When it comes to finding you a buyer, our advertising network is the Largest Network of For Sale By Owner Web Sites in America and we offer Internet advertising for the entire USA.

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FSBO Kit Contents

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FSBO Kit Deluxe For Sale By Owner Yard Sign
Deluxe Yard Sign
FSBO Kit Flyer Holder
Flyer Holder
FSBO Kit Open House Directional Sign
Directional Open House Signs
FSBO Kit How To Sell Your Home Book
How To Sell Real Estate A to Z
FSBO Kit Contract Form Book and CD
All About Real Estate Contracts




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