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    Home Selling - FSBO Strategies

      Our FSBO Advertising home selling Co-Op provides home owners an effective and affordable way to sell a home and either totally avoid or minimize realtor commissions.  Use either our For Sale By Owner Advertising Service or our Realtors Flat Fee MLS services to more successfully and affordably sell a home and minimize the total home selling cost at the same time.  Some owners may desire to market their property for sale by owner themselves in order to totally avoid commissions, others may wish to pay some realtor commission but only to the buyers agent who brings the buyer to the closing and thereby essentially reduce their realtor commission expense by approximately HALF.  Sellers and Buyers must individually determine whether they need the services of a realtor and whether they find the services of realtors to be an efficient value to them or not.  This is an individual decision each buyer and seller will make based on their specific needs and preferences.  We offer two options so sellers can either avoid realtor commissions altogether or minimize the realtor commission expense.  The best news is you can use BOTH of those methods at the same time, that way you can MAXIMIZE the exposure of your home to ALL buyers in the market and thereby Maximize your prospects of finding the buyer willing to pay the highest price in the shortest amount of time at the SAME TIME that you have the opportunity to either TOTALLY AVOID Realtor commissions or in the WORST CASE reduce them to about HALF the amount the big real estate companies want to charge you.

    Our for sale by owner sellers home selling co-op is conceptually similar to the "Realtors marketing plan", the concept is to keep the property "In Front" of All the potential buyers All the time and sooner or later that "perfect" buyer for each specific property will find it and buy it.  The Realtors do this through the realtors advertising Co-Op known as the MLS.  FSBOAdvertising is essentially a Homes For Sale By Owner advertising Co-Op with the single objective of keeping advertised properties in front of All the buyers All the time, conceptually like the Realtors plan except without the 6% price tag.   Using our home selling Co-Op, owners can sell a home for as little as $49.50 TOTAL SELLING cost, and MANY OWNERS HAVE DONE JUST THAT.  Our widespread presence on the Internet PLUS our own Local Media advertising combined with the Local Classifieds Advertising of all participants in this Co-Op will certainly INCREASE the relative effectiveness of all owners marketing efforts and should result in the degree of advertising consistency and breadth needed so when that perfect buyer for your specific property is searching for a home, there is a good chance that buyer will find your Advertisement at one of the web sites in our Affiliate Network and CALL YOU to buy it.  Consistency and breadth in advertising is critical to selling real estate.  On a cost for value basis every owner in America selling a home should take advantage of this home selling Co-Op to help keep their property "In Front" of buyers MORE consistently and thereby improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.  You can also save a lot of wasted time talking to those potential buyers who are really not even interested in your specific property, since each prospective buyer who contacts you from our advertising will have already seen photos of your property and learned the complete details about your home which you provided in Your Full Page Internet Ad.  Aside from the fact that classifieds advertising in the newspapers serving most large cities has become EXTREMELY OVERPRICED (since their classifieds advertising rates are based on total newspaper circulation and NOT how many people actually read the real estate classifieds - we all know that MOST people buy the newspaper to either read the news or to clip coupons from it or to find a movie to go see, NOT to read the real estate classifieds), buyers simply can not get enough information from a 4 or 10 line classifieds ad to know if they are really interested or not, so you can spend endless hours of your valuable time answering the same questions over and over from potential buyers who have no interest in your home to start with, they just do not know that yet. This Plan is Better for the Buyers and Better for the Sellers.  Sellers can use our advertising services as an Effective Marketing Tool to facilitate accomplishing these and other objectives.  Our FSBO Advertising service is designed to make Home Selling by owner more effective and affordable than ever before.

    Our Hybrid FSBO - MLS marketing option (which we have been offering since 1999) allows owners to simultaneously pursue TWO marketing methods.   You can either find the buyer yourself and pay NO Realtor Commission at all or you can sell through a Realtor where you pay only a $199 to $499 FLAT FEE instead of a listing commission to get listed then you just offer a 2% to 3% commission to the Buyers Agents IF they find you a Buyer.  In the past owners had to choose between using the Realtors MLS Listing Services and the For Sale By Owner home selling methods, you could not pursue both at the same time.  Well, that was the PAST.  Today you really can have your cake and eat it too, so to speak.

    Full Service MLS Listing - Sell Free Option - Free MLS Listing Services
    For those sellers desiring to minimize selling cost but also want to get more of the types of services traditionally provided by full service Realtors, Sell Free Realty offers Free Full Service Realtor MLS Listing Services when you Buy your next home through them, some conditions and area restrictions apply.
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