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Questions Advertisement Advertising - Licensed Realtor Discount Listing Services

Available Nationwide

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  • 1.  Included - Realtors Advertising Service ( Listing with No Realtor Commission!).
  • 2.  Included - Six Month FSBOAdvertising High Traffic FSBO Ad, so buyers can contact you directly.
  • 3.  Included - Standard - Yard Sign, put your own phone number in the yard and save ALL the commission!

** Limited Time Special **
Order Today & Get a SIX MONTH Extension Option!

  • To Order this $349 Package (*Limited Time Special Price*), Click the link below to Complete the EZ 3 Step Online Registration Form (which includes only the essential information for your FSBO ad), then select your desired options and enter your credit card information on the subsequent "Secure" (SSL) page.
  • Your Order Confirmation includes Links & instructions to immediately complete the Forms needed to set up the ad portion of the package, and instructions to log in and add additional information and comments to your FSBO ad which is instantly published.

  • The ad portion of this service is provided by a licensed real estate broker but your property is NOT listed in your LOCAL MLS.  Some local realtors may call you from seeing the ad at but they will NOT call you to bring over their buyers from seeing it in the local MLS like they normally do with a MLS listing.  Since your listing is NOT in the Local MLS, you are NOT offering those local buyers agents any buyers agent commission.  You CAN say in your FSBO Ad comment that "Agents are welcome" or something like that if you like to encourage them to contact you to negotiating a deal directly with you to earn a buyers agent commission if they bring you a buyer, but there is No Requirement for you to offer any realtor any commission.

  • By ordering this service you do NOT offer ANY realtor any commission at all other than the $349 FLAT FEE you pay for this service.  You are free to negotiate a deal with any realtor who calls you from seeing the property at IF you like to do that and on whatever terms you like to offer them, but you are not obligated to do that.

CLICK HERE if you DO want to be listed in your LOCAL MLS and offer those LOCAL Buyers Agents a commission.

  • A Link to your FSBO Ad (which is included in the package) will automatically be included in your ad so Buyers can contact you directly since that FSBO ad will contain your contact information.

  • For up to SIX months you get that custom description of your property, the link to your FSBO ad, and 6 pictures instead of just one displayed at for just $349.  You can upload your pictures online into your FSBO ad or email up to 6 pictures to include in that expanded display at

  • Just in case you need more time to sell, you get an OPTION to extend the term of the listing for SIX ADDITIONAL months by paying JUST $35 at the time you request the additional SIX MONTH term extension (you only pay the additional $35 if you need the term extension)!

  • You also get a FREE listing which includes your personal contact information so buyers can contact you directly and you can avoid the Buyers's Agent commission too!.  This is another GREAT way to expand your means of finding a buyer directly and AVOID PAYING THE SELLING AGENT COMMISSION TOO!

  • This is an excellent way to get exposure of your property to buyers who are primarily working with a realtor rather than looking for property on their own, and also afford you an opportunity to make a deal with them without having to pay any buyers agent commission.

  • Signs, lock boxes, and virtual tours are also available and can be ordered along with placing your order for this service.

  • Your Order Confirmation will include the contact information for the specific broker providing your Advertising service so you can contact them directly with any questions you may have or thereafter to make any changes you need to the ad (you can log in anytime to make changes yourself to your FSBO ad) along with a link to the additional Forms needed to set up the ad.  You may also print an order form below to pay by mail or fax instead of online if you prefer.

This is an Amazingly Powerful Marketing Plan to effectively sell your home without paying any realtor commission.

This service is available nationwide but is only recommended in areas where the Normal Flat Fee MLS service is NOT available.

NOTICE:® is the registered trademark of the website which is the Official Website for the National Association of Realtors (NAR).  FSBOAdvertising™ is NOT affiliated with or NAR and is NOT a licensed real estate agency, we do Not provide these Brokers Advertising/Listing services ourselves, and we are Not affiliated with the Realtor who does provide these services.  A licensed Realtor will be providing this Advertising service by way of their rights or privileges under their arrangement(s)/agreement(s) and/or membership(s) by with or through their Local or National Realtor Organization(s)/MLS Organization(s)/ Ilead/ Service agreement(s).

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