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Buy Owner to Owner

You do not need to pay any expensive consulting fee to sell or BUY OWNER to owner at FSBOAdvertising™.  You can use our FREE or low cost services to Buy Owner to owner and save money.  You can deal directly with the owner rather than deal through and pay a Realtor to act as a middle man to facilitate your real estate transaction and save a lot of money if you buy owner to owner.  You do not need a Realtor to help you find and buy a home directly from the owner and you also do not need to pay some expensive consulting fees.  Buying or selling a home owner to owner has never been easier and with our free or low cost services you can save money buying or selling a home when you sell or BUY OWNER to owner since you do not need to pay any expensive consulting fees.

You do not need to pay any expensive consulting fees !
Our buyers services are ALL FREE.
Our sellers services are only $49.50 for a 45 day FSBO Ad.

You should be VERY WARY of any company who wants to charge you a membership fee just to look at property for sale listings or who says they need to send a salesman to your home to "explain" their services, because you are PAYING for that salesman's time, and for his car, and to support his family, and you pay his supervisor too.

DO NOT MAKE ANY MISTAKE, we are FSBO Advertising Service, Inc., and our website where you can BUY OWNER TO OWNER is We offer efficient online services to BUY OWNER TO OWNER but we do NOT send a highly paid salesman to your home to "explain" our services, because you can understand our services by reading our easy to understand webpages yourself, and you can easily afford our services since they start at only $49.50 for sellers. There are companies who use the words "buy owner" in their name, they have the salesmen, NOT us, and we have NO AFFILIATION TO THEM AT ALL, NONE, ZIPPO! So if you are looking for a company with the words "buy owner" in their name, keep looking, this is NOT THEIR COMPANY NOR THEIR WEBSITE. After you find them then you can have their high paid salesman come explain their services to you if that is what you want.

You can read all about our services online, save THOUSANDS of dollars in consulting fees, and NO SALESMAN will need to come and "explain" anything to you.  We also offer FREE For Sale Buy OWNER LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Buy or Sell a Home owner to owner.
We make it easy and affordable!

Click your state below to search the property for sale which you can buy owner to owner or CLICK HERE to sell your home owner to owner.

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Save Money - Buy Owner to Owner

When you buy a home "Direct" from the Owner rather than dealing through a realtor you can save yourself as much as 6% to 7% of the cost of buying a home.

Our services make finding and buying a home as easy as possible.  Our Advanced Search includes 23 different criteria so you can spend your time reviewing only those homes in areas and with the specific qualities you are interested in.

You can buy owner to owner and save even more of Your Time buying a home if you register for our Automatic New Listing NotificationWhen a new property is listed which meets your request we email you a Custom Search Results URL, One Mouse Click and in seconds all the new listings matching your request are there to conveniently review.  Your contact information is kept private and we do not contact you ourselves except to send your requested notification.

Buy-Owner to Owner

How To Buy Owner To Owner
Buying a Home Direct From The Owner

All real estate is For Sale By Owner.  Some owners just hire a realtor as their choice for their Marketing plan.  In a nutshell, the biggest difference in purchasing property directly from an owner as compared to dealing through a realtor is that the buyer and seller do not have the weight of the "6% Commission Yoke" hanging around their neck to impede making a deal they are each comfortable with.  Transactions only occur when both the buyer and seller are comfortable with the deal.  Many home sellers have a price that they either Need or Want to get out of their property.  If property values are such that they can't get this price after they have paid a realtor 6%, these sellers Must either list their property with a realtor at an "above market" price (meaning a deal will not get done because the seller does not have the flexibility to negotiate) or market the property themselves in order to meet their price target.  Other property sellers understand that they can offer home buyers an attractive "slightly under market" price and still take more cash to the bank since they are not paying a realtor 6%.  The buyer, on the other hand, simply wants to buy a home of a particular type in a particular area for the best price the buyer can get.  Considering that sellers always think property is worth more than buyers want to pay, it is logically certain that deals should be easier to consummate when a 6% middleman is taken out of between two parties that already have a difference of perspective about what is a fair price.  Out of the starting gate, the buyer and seller are 6% closer to a deal.  When you "Buy Owner" to owner, the buyer and seller can both save money since that 6% middleman is GONE and one less mouth to feed means everyone at the table gets more satisfied.  Every Buyer should appreciate the reality that the buyer is really paying the realtors 6% commission.   Sure the title company takes the money out of the sellers account at closing, but just a few moments earlier it was the buyers money that the title company is then handing to the realtor instead of the seller.  Therefore, buyers must decide if they consider the services of realtors to be a value to them at 6% of the property price since it really is the buyer who is paying for those services.  Millions of people buy computers "direct" from Dell and stocks "direct" through Etrade.  Middlemen of all types are being cut out of many transactions primarily because the increase in the flow of information down the Information Super Highway has empowered the consumer to not need the middlemen as much, if at all.  One day, maybe all real estate will be sold "this way" as well.  As information resources continue to increase, buyers should increasingly find that they can pay a reasonable professional service fee to an Attorney, an Appraiser, and an Inspector and with this competent professional help buy property cheaper than paying a 6% commission to a realtor.  When a bank makes a loan on real estate to the buyer, they hire an Attorney, an Appraiser, and a licensed Inspector before they loan the buyer that money.   The banks do not rely on the advice of a realtor to loan money, so why should a buyer value that advice so highly when they are the ones who are going to be paying the bank back?  The bank hires all these professionals, of course, at the buyers expense anyway so these are not really "incremental cost".  There was a time when buyers, without the assistance of a realtor, could not get enough quality information about what properties were available in an area at what asking prices and the related information about the details of each of those properties to make a comparative evaluation as to whether the asking price of a particular property is reasonable or not and to have an ample selection of properties to choose from such that they could end up with a good deal on property that suited them just right.  Today information is much more easily exchanged.  Sellers can advertise their homes nationwide for months for under a hundred dollars and in many areas the prior sale prices of homes are available from the property tax appraisal districts at their public web sites.  There are so many information resources available today that the realtors informational value has at the very least been substantially diminished.  The professional services of Attorneys, Appraisers, and Inspectors are being paid for at closing by most buyers anyway  so savvy  buyers will increasingly use all these information resources, drive themselves to go see the property, discover that they can indeed find the property they want without the realtors assistance, and are able to make a better deal, Direct.  The American Bar Association publishes a Handy Reference Guide For Home Buyers & Sellers.  You can find it along with a collection of other interesting Books on the subject of Buying Real Estate at The Online Store.

Buy-Owner to Owner

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Buy-Owner to Owner

More Resources To Buy Owner To Owner

You can find additional Tips on Buying a Home at the HUD web site or review the resources for Buying a Home at MSN.

Our Regional Affiliates offer Special Local Services for home owners who like to Sell or Buy Owner to owner in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Francisco, Sarasota, Seattle, and Tampa.

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