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Search Tips

1.  Using the Advanced Search you can search for multiple Counties at a time.  Just click the first County name with your mouse to highlight it, then to make Additional selections from that same selection box just HOLD DOWN your "Ctrl" key (bottom left corner of keyboard) WHILE you click and highlight each additional name with your mouse which you desire to select.   Repeat this for as many names as you like and your search will look for all the names you selected.   If you do not hold down the Ctrl key while you make the Additional selections, only the last name you selected will be highlighted and searched for.  Macintosh users HOLD DOWN the "Command" key.

2.  You can Not search for both the County criteria and the City criteria (or the zip code criteria simultaneously) at the same time.  If you select both or all three, your  City Selection will be searched for and your County selection(s) will be disregarded or your zip code will be searched for and the city and county selections will be disregarded.  Essentially, the MOST NARROW parameter you select will be the operative search parameter. So, if you want to search for a County, be sure to leave the City and zip code parameters either saying "ALL" or leave them BLANK.

3.  Make selections Only for those criteria for which you wish to Limit The Search Results to.  If you do not wish to limit the search results by a criteria Leave It Marked ALL or leave the field blank.  Be aware that "all" is NOT the same property as "ALL".  If you change "ALL" to search for something then decide to go back to search for "ALL", do not put "all" back in as that parameter will not find anything for you.

4.  If you "Drag" the scroll bar, for the selection box containing the County names, up or down with your mouse you can "Speed" through the list in case your state has a Whole Lot of Names.

5.  If your Browser is experiencing any difficulty processing our standard Advanced Search form, CLICK HERE for a more basic version of the Advanced Search form which uses No Modern Technology and is fully functional with any browser which can view it.  Microsoft and Netscape Browsers Versions 3.0 and Earlier may not be able to process this form correctly.  The Quick Search form is also fully functional with these older browser versions.

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